My Journey

Wicklow Open

After doing my shoulder in in Lough Dan in early August, I was slowly trying to build back up. On 5th August, myself and Cameron McKeever headed down to Wicklow to enter the Wicklow Open. They always put on a good spread in Wicklow … 

The Wicklow Open is not a race that I traditionally do well in.  In fact, I think I came last in it one year. 2012 was my year though, as I ‘somehow’ managed to come in first place. That somehow is a reasonable swim on the day but also a generous handicap. Although I have a great cup to show off of the next year, what is really priceless is the memory of Cameron’s face when he came in 7th and found me at the finish waiting for him. When I told him that I won he nearly fell over.  To add in insult  to injury they placed up to 6th that day, so I technically forced Cameron out of a place (that’s the second time that’s happened, the first being the Copeland Island swim in 2010 (don’t mention the war… )). In fairness to Cameron he stuck around for the prize giving and got a special prize on the day too.

I reproduce this here only because I am never likely to see anything of its like again: