My Goal

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My goal is to swim from England to France in summer 2013. Covering something around 35 or 40km, the swim will likely take in excess of 14 hours - probably starting and ending in darkness. As strong tides and uncert...

My Chosen Charity

My chosen charity is the Sam McMahon Trust. The Trust was established to help Sam and his family cope with the challenges that life will bring as a result of his Friedreich’s Ataxia ('FA') diagnosis. The Trust also supports research into finding a cure for FA. Sam is my nephew :)

Sam was born on 16th February 2001 at The National Maternity Hospital in Dublin. He arrived 12 days early and barely tipped the scales at 5 pounds. He lives in Knocklyon with his Mum (Caroline), Dad (Brian) and older brother Ben. On November 14th 2008 he was diagnosed with FA. Although there were many small hints that there was something different about Sam it took many years of doctors visits and tests to establish that he has FA. Sam is bright, out-going and fun to be with. He loves reading, playing PS3 and watching TV. He likes to swim and is learning to play the drums. His favourite colour is red.

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